Сustomers with low consumption use cylinders thank to their mobility. A wide selection of gas types and cylinder sizes allow to customers achieve their goals in business. Industrial customers, as well as customers from the food industry and medicine use gas cylinders and bundles as a main supply mode.


The content of the cylinders can be determined by the color coding of the cylinder body (cylindrical part) and the shoulder of the cylinder (upper, spherical part).

The body of the cylinder is responsible for the application:

  • white = medicine
  • gray or black = technical gases
  • blue = oxygen (technical)
  • olive = food gases
  • maroon = acetylene
  • brown = helium
  • red = flammable gases

The cylinder shoulder is responsible for the type of gas:

  • white = oxygen
  • gray = CO2
  • black = nitrogen
  • light green = blends
  • dark green = argon
  • maroon = acetylene
  • brown = helium
  • red = flammable gases