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Production in ELME MESSER GAAS

The quality of products directly depends on the equipment on which they are produced.

ELME MESSER GAAS ASU (Air Separation Unit) in Auvere (Estonia) – production of liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Start year: 2012.

Features – a modern industrial plant with a high degree of process automation. High quality 24 | 7 | 365.



ELME MESSER GAAS Central Filling Station CFS in Riga (Latvia) – production (filling of cylinders) of nitrogen, argon, oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium, hydrogen and mixtures based on them. Food gas production. Medical gas production. Production and packaging of dry ice. Start year: 2017.

Features – a super-modern production complex for cylinder gases with a high degree of automation. Own repair site for gas cylinders.

ELME MESSER GAAS imports certain gases from the plants of the Messer Group, including some special, pure, rare gases. The global production logistics of the Messer Group allows us to maintain a complete range of gases for our customers.


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