Safety & Environment




Our main activity is production and supply of a wide range of technical and medical gases and food and specialty gases and gas application equipment in different industries, as well as technical assistance in exploitation.


by creating and continually improving the image of a reliable supplier of high-quality products that meet the needs and requirements of consumers, as well as regulatory requirements, with personal responsibility for the safety of produced products at all levels of management, from order receipt to product supply.

Elme Messer L’s policy on quality, ecology, occupational health and safety of industrial, medical and food gases is founded on the mission and strategic goals of companies BLRT Grupp and MESSER Group.


  • To strengthen of the trust of our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, investors and the public to our company, to know and understand their wishes and needs. As well as systematically evaluate and raise level of their satisfaction.
  • As a system of related processes, to manage own activities, resources and risks, related with the fulfillment of contractual obligations in the areas of production, occupational health and ecology
  • Identify personal responsibility for achieving goals, reducing unnecessary costs and impacts on the environment, creating safe work conditions and avoiding potential hazards, and managing risks for creation of safe product
  • Regularly analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of own management system, based on requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 as well as EN ISO / IEC 17020 and Good Manufacturing Practice for medical gases production and distribution, and improve its efficiency on an ongoing basis
  • To develop an environment for growth of each employee’s competence and work culture, and to fulfillment the requirements of legislation, regulations and management system.
  • To make decisions, based on logic analysis and results of monitoring and measurement of production, ecology and work environment parameters.
  • Develop beneficial relationships with our customers, suppliers, partners and founders, following the requirements of the management system and fulfilling the founders’ strategic goals.
Safety & Environment