Mobile cryocyls

The Euro-Cyl series from Chart-Ferox is a premium transportable liquid cylinder for cryogenic service in the European market.

The Euro-Cyl® Liquid Cylinders are available in capacities from 120 to 1000 liters and range in pressure from 1.5 to 37 bar. The full range of these cylinders are available for liquefied nitrogen, oxygen, argon, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide and the larger 600 and 1000 liter models are available for LNG.

Euro-Cyl Advantages:

  • Ideal for transportable or stationary gas supply
  • Easy to adjust pressure control
  • Front-mounted valves and instruments within easy reach and visibility
  • European Ready – TPED coded

Superior Performance:

  • Rugged, maneuverable and fast filling
  • Gas and/or liquid withdrawal
  • Continuous flow rates from 21 Nm3/h to 42 Nm3/h
  • Automatically optimizes operating pressure and reduces losses