The MegaPack cylinder gas bundle sets new standards in terms of safety, economy, ergonomics, sustainability and design. The compact MegaPack C4 models, with four cylinders respectively, make MegaPack even better. The MegaPack C4 models also feature Duplex technology, facilitating gas withdrawal at a pressure of 200 bar or 300 bar.

Dimensions (width x length x height):
0.92 x 0.93 x 1.95 metres


MegaPackC4 Filling pressure Contents
Nitrogen 200 bar 115 m³
300 bar 157 m³  (+37%)
Oxygen 200 bar 128 m³
300 bar 182 m³ (+42 %)
Helium 200 bar 110 m³
300 bar 158 m³  (+44 %)

Safety redefined


  • All gas-carrying components are thoroughly protected against impacts
  • Only the connections and valves that are necessary for gas withdrawal are accessible
  • Roll bar guarantees high stability even in extreme cases
  • New, tamper-proof seal
  • Type of gas clearly indicated by product-specific colouring on the protective strips (in accordance with the international standard, e.g. white = oxygen, green = argon)
  • Gas connection at working height rather than head height
  • Number of integrated gas-tight compression fittings reduced by half compared with conventional bundles

Handling optimised


  • Central, ergonomically accessible control panel
  • Large-level indicator visible from a distance
  • Optional Duplex technology (pressure regulator integrated into bundle) facilitates gas withdrawal at 200 and 300 bar
  • 300 bar means: fewer gas supply operations, enhanced operating
  • efficiency / operational continuity, reduced purging losses
  • Square footprint facilitates optimal use of space

Economy improved at 300 bar


  • Greater operational continuity
  • Smaller purging losses
  • Increased contents for environmentally friendly and economical transportation

Comparison of 200Bar / 300bar