Learn the risks associated with gas before using it!


Clamp and fasten all pipes subject to vibration, as there is a possibility of leakage due to continuous vibration.


Before applying pressure to the system, always check the permissible working pressure. Pressure greater than the working pressure is not allowed!


Pressure gauges (manometers) should be regularly checked and calibrated. Never turn them to face the wall!


Never disassemble anything without making sure that the system is free of excess pressure. In cases of disassembly, the pressure gauge readings are not considered reliable. Never use a wrench before depressurizing the system!


Keep your eyes and head away from the direction of a high-pressure jet of gas from a cylinder – it can knock out the eyeball!


Never joke with high pressure! The result can be fatal – damage to internal organs, loss of eyes, etc.


Never use a gas stream to blow debris off the ground, or from work clothes, or from hair!


A full cylinder can become a rocket if you unscrew (or break) the valve. Despite the mass of 65 kg, it can accelerate to 55 km/h!


Do not allow oils and fats to get on cylinders and valves. Oil or oils mixed with gases such as oxygen form explosive mixtures!


Never delete or change the labels (banana label)!


Check cylinder valves and other systems for leaks. The easiest way to check is to use soap and water.


If you do not use gas even for a short time, close the valve!


Take care of yourself!

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