The storage location should be clearly separated for different gases. Full and empty cylinders must be stored separately!


The storage room should be well ventilated, allowing air flows to prevent possible accumulation of gases. Liquid gas (propane, carbon dioxide) containers must be under a canopy to ensure protection from the sun’s heat!


To store toxic gases, use locks to prevent access by strangers! We recommend locking up other gas storage facilities as well!


Do not use an uneven or dirty floor surface for storing cylinders!


Although cylinders come in a variety of sizes, most of them are tall and thin to reduce space requirements. However, this makes them unstable. Never leave the cylinder in the centre of the room or in the aisle. Move the cylinder close to the wall!


Always store cylinders upright and make sure they are securely attached!


Try to learn as much as possible about the gas and its properties! This will help you consider all the specific requirements for its storage and use!

Safety & Environment