Production of CO2


1 – chemical plant | 2 – compressor  | 3 – filter | 4 – dryer | 5- liquefier | 6- distilation tower | 7-tank

I – In the chemical plant, liberated CO2 is withdrawn before it escapes into the atmoshere through the flue.
In th compressor, the CO2 is compressed to approximately 20 bar.
II – The filter removes any gaseous impurities.
III – in the dryer moisture is removed from the gas
In the liquefier the gaseous CO2 is liquefied by temperatures of approximately minus 30 degree Celsius.
IV – The distillation tower is for final purification. Here the CO2 is freed on the finest impurities. The purified CO2 is collected at the button of the distillation tower
V – The end of product is high-purity, liquid CO2.