ELME MESSER GAAS Launches New Website in Latvia

Enhanced web presence from leading industrial gas company improves user experience.

01 June 2020 – ELME MESSER GAAS today announced the launch of a new website for the Latvia, providing an enhanced user experience for visitors including customers, community stakeholders and business partners.

Our enhanced web presence reflects our fresh focus on innovating agile solutions to meet customer needs.

With ELME MESSSER GAAS’s new web presence, customers in the Latvia can now more readily obtain information on ELME MESSER GAAS products, services and solutions available near them. Customer Service is now only a click away, as a more user-friendly interface enables customers to more readily connect with us for support.

“Whether you strive to increase your business efficiency through our applications know-how and supply delivery, aspire to join our talented team of industry experts, or seek to learn more about the company behind the ELME MESSER GAAS name, our new web presence makes it easier to connect with us,” said Vladimir Sikerin, general manager of Aplication Department .